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I implemented an originally english questionnaire with 4 different language versions.
However - when I looked at it, the flags and texts and buttons were arranged and positioned randomly somewhere on the screen.

After some tweaking, I managed to have 3 flags / versions in 1 line, but the 4th language version is now at the farthest down left spot on the page possible.
Does not look to good seen from italian perspective... and cannot stay like that.
My question now, as I did not find ANY chance to enter it via HTML or other ode directly but only with the built in function:
Did you also face this mayhem?
How did you overcome it?

Also the buttons for "next", "back" and "save"seem to be arranged strangely:
Back is in the middle, next is on the right and save is in the next line on the left.



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> Did you also face this mayhem?

No - and we had survey with more than 20 language versions ;)

Please post a pretest URL for your questionnaire, so we can look what problem exactly you are facing. Thanks.

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Pretest link = https://www.soscisurvey.de/entelisplus/?act=x4Gg9Mjq4SOplDajejhe4f4R

I think I managed somehow - the italian Flag is - sad enough totally alone in the second line...


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