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It's written down that the maximum survey administration period is 93 days, but that it can be extended as often as necessary. Does this mean that it can be extended up to the 93 days, or can be extended for more than the 93 days?

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In free projects, you can start with 3 months and then you can extend by 1 month (every month) up to 2 years. Unfortunately, we had a lot of users who set something like 31.12.2050 just for convenience...

In commercial projects, using a prepaid licence, you can buy the licence(s) for the planned survey administration period and set the proper period at once.

by s124801 (110 points)
Thank you for the answer! According to the Project Pettings page you can extend the survey using the Project Overview page. However, on those pages I can't find any way to extend the survey. Does this become available at some point?
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You can change the end of the survey administrastion period (in the project settings) to be one month in future. That means an extension is not possible before the last month of the period has begun.

One week before the administration period ends, an explicit extension option will be displayed in the project overview.

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