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I am trying to measure implicitly associations with certain concepts (e.g. specific types of entrepreneurship). Therefore I want to apply associative or semantic priming on basing on words. Is this procedure possible with the Affect Misattribution Procedure or a modification of the IAT? Since it would be also possible with the attribution task in the standard frame of the question types within SoSci Survey, I tryed to employ it with this, but I did not find a possibility to mark to slow answers from the subjects right away and also no possibilitiy to give a feedback to the respondent if the answer was wrong. So my question is if I can do this things with a modificated IAT or AMP in SoSci Survey.

Thanks a lot in advance for answering my question, it helps me a lot.

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The add-on package "implicit methods" provides the IAT, BIAT, SC-IAT and the AMP as proposed by the respective literature. While the AMP is based on per-item priming, the IAT variants are based on item-category assignments (incl. feedback) and response times.

I am not sure if I understand your question about "a modificated IAT or AMP" correctly. While the above mentioned questions have some variants and options for refine the settings, they are not meant be be modified largely. Also will the standardized score computation work within the precoedures' limits.

You can enable the package for free testing for 7 days in the shop and try if the question types meeet your requirements. If there are any more questions, please let me know.

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