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I have a multiple choice question. Depending on the options chosen, my clients must or may not be directed to a specific page.

For example: if option 2 and 4 have been selected, the client must answer pages 2 and 4. Option 3 has not been selected and therefore the customer can skip page 3.

How can I ensure that this happens automatically?

I know there is an option for, 'go to page ..., if this answer is selected'. But how do I prevent the client from seeing pages that he, depending on his choice, does not have to fill in?

Is there an option for, 'if not selected, skip page...'. And how do I have to do this?

Kind regards,

in SoSci Survey (English) by s124424 (110 points)

1 Answer

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In your case, the filters that you can define in the question itself (down in the filter tab), shall be sufficient.

Just tell the question to display page 2 if option 2 is checked (and the filter option explicitly says that the page with be skipped otherwise), etc.

by SoSci Survey (98.5k points)