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Every person is supposed to answer the survey 6 times. How can I do that?

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Depends .... are we talking about a diary design? How do you recruit your respondents? Do you send them emails/mailings?
by s116044 (110 points)
yes, I´ll send them emails. I´m testing the effects on music listening at work in offices. So they will first have to fill out the survey twice without changing anything and afterwards change their habit for a few days, fill out the survey, go back to normal etc...

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yes, I´ll send them emails.

That makes thing easy. When using the mailing feature of SoSci Survey, you can simply send them 6 different mailings, each configured to start a new and independent interview (i.e., not a reminder mailing).

They will still get the same code in the "SERIAL" variable (whes importing the addresses as "pseudonymous" which is the default), so you can easily match you records.

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