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I am hoping to add to the existing footer that appears on each page of my survey. What I am hoping to add is the text:

"If you would like to leave this study now, please click this link:

Feedback letter"

And the words 'Feedback letter' will take the participants to the debriefing form for the survey. Is there a way to add a hyperlink to the last page of the survey? Alternatively, is there a way to upload a PDF version of the debriefing letter to soscisurvey and then have the words 'Feedback letter' hyperlinked to this stored PDF?

In case this question does not make sense, below is a link to one of our other studies that uses this footer:


Scroll to the bottom of the page and the above text with a hyperlink to the debriefing form is on the page at the bottom.


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How to change the footer: Fragebogen -> Impressum und Logo. The textbox allows HTML-Code, so you can use "a href..."-tag to add a link. For example:

<a href="www.test.com">Feedback letter</a>, some other words.

You can use the same code on the last page of the survey. You will find the possibility to change the last page on "Fragebogen zusammenstellen", then scroll all the way to the right.

I hope the menu in the english version is still in german as I saw on a video, so my words make sense.

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