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I am new to sosci survey, so I am not so familiar with the functionalities. I have few requirements and i would like to know if it is possible in sosci survey.

  1. I have 'n' number of Vignette texts saved in a excel file( for example) and i would like to know if i can import this file in the questionnaire so that when the questionnaire is created it picks one of the texts in the file randomly as a scenario for question being asked.

  2. If I could import then is there a way to generate multiple questionnaire for each of the texts in the file ?

Thank you.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s075828 (290 points)

1 Answer

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(1) Just use a question of the type random generator. This will do exactly what you need. Just use the replace() function and a placeholder on the random generator to display the text in the questionnaire.

(2) Actually, I do not understand the second question... Do you just want to display a different text in each questionnaire (see 1) or do you need additional manipulations in the questionnaire (see filter questions and randomization)

by SoSci Survey (96.6k points)
Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for not being clear. So, my requirement is I have a questionnaire with 5 questions and each question has a scenario(vignette text) picked from a separate file. so there are 5 files which I would import. As each file will have 'n' number of texts i would like to create all possibilities of questionnaires for each of the text in the file. For example say i got two texts in each of the file. So there are around 32 questionnaires generated. So, could this be achieved from your above reply or there is some other workaround i need to follow ?

Thank you.
There are two options for that. Option (a) use a random generator and assign the text for each condition (vignette) in a filter. Option (b) use the "databank for content", store the texts as columns (probably what you currently have in your sheet) and use some string in the first column (e.g., A001, A002, ...) as key, which you draw in the random generator. Details in a new question, if required :)
Okay thank you so much. I got one last question. I am using right now version 2.5.04. So, can I carry out the solution mentioned by you in this version ?
Okay I checked my tool and i see two special features: 1. Randomization with urns and 2. Database for content. I guess It should work now. I will try it and let you know if i have any further queries.
Your version shall be sufficient, although you will have to use an urn instead the random generator. Yet, should you need the features from the latest (not yet officially published) version, tell your system operator to send an email to info@soscisurvey.de, please.
Sorry, but I got a bit confused here with your statement. What you mean by store the texts as columns ?. Right now i got two columns (Id, Text) where I will store the key followed by the text. So first row will have Id as A001 and Text as Text1 and second row Id as A002 and Text as Text2 and so on.
The "columns" related to geting-the-vignette-data-into-the-database-for-contents-correctly. I do no exactly know what you have currently stored as "vignette", but it may be very useful for analyses to have the different attributes of each vignette (dimension 1, dimension 2, ...) in separate variables. These were the columns, I meant. And they you may or may not have another column with the text to display.